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Therapist, Owner

You deserve to heal. You deserve to be supported, respected, and seen for all you have been, all you will be, and all you are in this moment. I trust you to be the expert on yourself and your own experiences within the body, identities, and relationships that inform your ways of knowing yourself and your world. Our work together will not focus on identifying what’s “wrong” with you, and won’t aim to “fix” you. Together, we will explore areas of distress, discomfort, or questioning through a systemic lens. I will support your intentions toward transformative change and growth from perspectives that matter to you.

I believe and have seen evidence that change is made through relationship and interpersonal connection. Together, we will work to build a therapeutic relationship in the service of your wellbeing. My intention is to facilitate a connection that will support you in bringing your experience of yourself into congruence with your personal goals and values.

I am especially interested in helping you heal from systemic issues impacting LGBTQIA+ experience, negative relationships with your body and food, questions of identity and spirituality, complex trauma, and loneliness. I am a Health at Every Size practitioner. I offer individual and relationship therapy and am poly, kink, and alt-sex affirming.


Services offered: 


This was a fun exploration of societal narratives of relationships and love in a  podcast conversation about impacts of the Twilight book series on Gen Z connection.


Education and Training

MS Marriage and Family Therapy

Edgewood College, Madison WI

Certified Prepare and Enrich Practitioner

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