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Life transitions, individual growth, and misunderstandings in the ways we connect can cause distress, especially when expectations of ourselves and our relationships conflict with the realities of our lives. 

Relationship therapy is a space for friends, families, partners, coworkers-- whatever connections you define as important-- to create and experience your relationships for what they are and to move toward possibilities for what they can be. 


Especially when family, partnership, or other networks of relationships receive counseling, having two therapists can create more meaningful change. Contact us for more information or to schedule a co-therapy consult.

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We are a collaborative psychotherapy practice focused on helping clients heal from systemic issues impacting LGBTQIA+ experience, negative relationships with their bodies (from an anti-diet culture, trauma-informed lens), questions of identity and spirituality, and complex trauma. We work with client-defined significant relationships and are poly, kink, and alt-sex affirming.

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