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A Space Where There Wasn't One Before

Friday office attire looks something like this: no shoes, last year’s faded tie-dye Hanes t-shirt, leggings that reach professional heights only in their levels of comfort. The last day of the workweek is used for catching up on administrative tasks, researching questions that have come up while working with clients throughout the week, and finding some quiet space in ourselves that allows us to hold the attention and presence that is so important in our work with you.

In the office next door, my colleague is working on bookkeeping. Without hearing or seeing evidence, I know that while she does this administrative work, she’s singing passionately out of key to something on the WORT and pondering what sort of hat she might need for an upcoming camping trip. This level of comfort– of working through the simultaneity of mundanity and existential wonder alongside someone I see, who sees me, too– is one of the ways I have come to know security, safety, and warmth. It’s what makes the work we do with clients so rich, so full of life and love.

Healing is not meant to be done in isolation. As humans, our world is experienced through relationships– relationships to and with other people, our environments, our social structures, our own thoughts. Relationships shape the ways we know ourselves; through this knowledge, we find unlimited potential to build new worlds.

Yahara Healing is founded on our respect for this work, for our clients, for humanity, and our care and respect for each other. In our friendship and our connection through this work, we found a space where there wasn't one before. That is exactly what we hope to offer to you: a space to be seen and cared for, to heal, to explore your life in ways that allow you to experience everything that you are.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to talk more. In the meantime, we’ll be here, making this space for you.

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